The West Branch Paddle Club

Attention paddlers—kayakers, canoers, SUPers, and more! Grab your paddle craft and friends and join the West Branch Paddle Club, a program focused on rewarding you for getting out on the Susquehanna Greenway and exploring the Susquehanna River Water Trail – West Branch.   

Launched in 2020, the West Branch Paddle Club is an innovative program that provides paddling resources such as maps and paddling itineraries and celebrates paddlers of all ages and ability levels for their exploration of the West Branch. 

Whether you’re a day paddler, a seasoned, multi-day adventurer, or just really love the West Branch, the West Branch Paddle Club (WBPC) offers a variety of opportunities to join a community of like-minded paddlers who enjoy paddling, value the West Branch of the river, and want to give back and help grow the network.   


  • 15% discount to all SGP events
  • 10% discount at the SGP store
  • Annual WBPC newsletter
  • Official WBPC sticker
  • Access to paddling itineraries, maps, guides, and information
  • Eligible to earn commemorative pins and recognition by becoming a Segment Paddler
  • Join a community of like-minded West Branch enthusiasts and share stories
  • Support the West Branch Susquehanna Water Trail so more people can enjoy the beauty and adventure to be found along the West Branch!

There are two ways to get involved with the WBPC:

  1. Become a Member: Members are paddlers, friends of the West Branch, or members of the community who want to support SGP’s ongoing projects to improve and grow the West Branch Water Trail. Members do not have to report segments and can join the club through the purchase of individual or family memberships. Members receive all benefits outlined above and have the option to report their paddles in order to work towards recognition as Segment Paddlers.***
  2. Become a Supporter: Supporters are businesses or organizations who wish to contribute to the West Branch Water Trail and the paddlers who explore it. There are several tiers for supporters depending on your number of employees. In addition to the supporter fee, supporters are asked to provide at least one perk to paddlers of the WBPC (ex: discount to your business, vouchers, etc.). Supporters receive all club benefits and recognition as a supporter on our website and in all WBPC communications. See list of current Supporters here.

***Become a Segment Paddler***: This tier of the West Branch Paddle Club is reserved for the intrepid paddlers of the West Branch who endeavor towards achieving our designated segments, or even the whole 228-mile trail. An applicant for Segment Paddler must first Become a Member of the WBPC. Once you've paddled a segment and have reported your journey to SGP's online portal, you will be recognized for your accomplishment as a Segment Paddler on our website, in our newsletter, and will be awarded a pin for your completed segment. See achievers of Segment paddles here.


All proceeds of the West Branch Paddle Club are utilized to improve safety, install signage, work with communities to build new launches, and more.  


Need more details? Read the press release.


The West Branch Paddle Club (WBPC) and, by extension, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP) encourages paddling on the West Branch and will provide resources and recommendations as requested, but takes no responsibility for participants as they journey out on the river. All participants take the responsibility for making their own decisions including, but not limited to, whether to participate on any particular water body or segment, what equipment they use, the routes they may choose to paddle, whether their skill levels and abilities are appropriate for the activity or whether climate and water conditions are appropriate for their participation. In applying for membership to the WBPC, they acknowledge that paddling, like many sports, has inherent dangers which can be minimized through education and experience, but cannot be totally eliminated. They hereby, for themselves, their heirs, executors, and administrators waive any and all rights and claims for damage they may have against the WBPC, its officers, and representatives for injuries suffered by them in pursuit of WBPC activities.


Visit our Paddling Safety Resources page to learn more about how you can plan ahead for safety on your journey.