Photo Contest

Show us your Susquehanna! What Susquehanna River Town or special scene do you treasure? Submit your original photographs and share your stories in our annual Susquehanna Greenway Photo Contest!

Deadline for Submissions is June 30, 2022.

Cash Prizes awarded in each Category: $150/ $100/ $50. Winning images will also be printed, framed and added to a traveling gallery that exhibits along the Susquehanna Greenway for the following year. 

Entering is quick and easy! To enter, click the button below, fill out the form, select your category, agree to the Contest Rules, and upload your photo. A separate entry form must be completed for each photo submission. Don't forget to include your story along with your picture.Your stories help to bring the photo alive!

*Please note that our Contest Rules have been updated, so please take a minute to review. 

*Entrants under the age of 18 must submit a signed Parent Permission Form to validate their entry. Please email to request a form.

*All copyrights remain with the photographer. SGP does not distribute, nor sell images*

**Please note: the submission portan can only accept images under 20 MB. To submit images that are over 20 MB each, please email for instructions.**

***Please remove all watermarks from images. SGP strives to ensure anonymity when presenting entries to the judges.***

Contest Categories

Photo by

Treasured River Towns

There are more than 70 communities along the river! What part of small town or big city river life inspires you? Photos of town architecture, festivals, events, landmarks, street scenes and more are welcome in this category. 

Photo by Jess Kilne

Treasured Landscapes

The Susquehanna River and her surrounding lands are breathtaking. Show us your seasonal river views, woodlands, favorite trails, wildlife, or rural views.

Susquehanna Adventures

Show us how you like to explore, learn, or relax along the river and greenway! This category is meant to showcase the variety of adventures that are available along the Susquehanna. 


Every year we get so many wonderful wildlife photos that we've dedicated an entire category just to these Greenway critters


Photos by: Treasured Towns: Al Holliday; Treasured Landscapes: Jesse Kilne; Susquehanna Adventures: John Alaimo; Wildlife: Devin DePamphilis