Lewisburg: Live Stake Collection

Saturday, November 23, 2019 (All day)

Description: What on earth is a live stake? It is a cutting from a species of plant that can itself be planted to grow a new plant. These cuttings are from one to several feet long. They get pushed or pounded into the ground, rooting end down, in the moist areas along waterways. For the first couple of months to a year, they just look like so many sticks poking out of the ground, or stakes. But, if conditions are right, they will eventually turn into full-fledged plants of their own, first rooting and eventually sprouting leaves and eventually branches. 

Come out to help plant live stakes, which help to restore the floodplain in reach of the creek. 

Location: In the grassy area north of the covered bridge, off the public parking lot accessed off of N 3rd Street.

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