Professional Learning- Summer Courses with The Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Join The Chesapeake Bay Foundation on an exciting five-day course exploring Central Pennsylvania’s rich cultural and industrial history to better understand the impact of technology, society, and industry on local ecology throughout history. Through the lens of STEAM, participants will conduct field-based investigations into the interdependent relationships between agriculture, manufacturing, energy production, and the natural world and explore how the visual and performing arts can be used as a media for communicating ideas about the environment. Gather inspiration through hands-on activities and learn inquiry-based techniques for empowering your students to investigate environmental problems, create awareness, and take action!

When: August 7 – August 11, 2017

Where: 5 field investigation days across the state. Accommodations will be provided. Who: Open to formal and non-formal educators from Pennsylvania

Cost: $50 refundable resource fee

Registration: Visit

Questions? Contact Emily Thorpe

Visit for registration.